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TRIMMING BUSHES - Service area - Base Area - Will travel further for larger jobs and when we are slow.

I see trimming bushes as an art form and after 20 years in this business you learn a thing or two about trimming bushes and shrubs. A bad hair cut for you is temporary but for your shrubs it could be devastating.

Here are a few tips
- Flowering bushes should be trimmed after they bloom. Any other time of the year means you are cutting off blooms for the next blooming      season

- Azaleas should generally be trimmed before July 4th in this area.

- Other non flowering shrubs can generally be done any time. I generally recommend late June and later as this is when the peak growing      season is past. Winter is also a great time for non flowering shrubs.

-If you want to trim a bush back hard do it between mid September and early May. You want to avoid burning up a bush in the hottest part       of the year.

- Never trim into the hollow center of an evergreen or holly as it may not fill in and may need to be removed later.

REMOVING BUSHES - Service area - Base Area - Will travel further for larger jobs and when slow.

We have a chipper and stump grinders to do the job right. If you have a number of large shrubs that are over whelming your house or just a couple small shrubs that have seen better days. We can help.

OTHER ODD JOBS - Service area - Will travel further for larger jobs and when we are slow.

During my years in this business I have done so many different things to provide service to my customers, from removing antennas, moving an office out of DC, changing light bulbs. I have also done many things I won’t mention here as I do not plan to do them ever again.

If you have a special need or desire that I might be able to fulfill just ask. If I can I will. If I cannot I might be able to refer you to some one who can. It never hurts to ask

HAULING JUNK TO THE DUMP - Service area - Will travel further for larger jobs and when we are slow.

It could be a couple of items, cleaning out the garage or even clearing an entire house. No job is too large or small. OK I could be wrong, we do not haul elephants, tanks or other extremely large items that you most likely do not have anyway. We have large trailers and can move a good deal of junk at one time.

Be aware that we do not haul hazardous items such as gas and oil, pesticides, oil based paints, most chemicals, old fertilizers, propane tanks, plus other items the dump will not take. The county does have special times and locations to drop off these items.

GENERAL YARD WORK - Service area - Base Area - Will travel further for larger jobs and when slow.

Every yard is different. We take the time to listen to you and discuss what you would like to have happen in your yard offering advice when needed or asked for. We are flexible and can cater any job to your desires. When mulching beds we take the time to pull the weeds, clean out the leaves and cut nice edges before we start to lay the mulch. It takes more time and costs more but it is well worth it in the long run.

OVER GROWN YARDS - Service area - Base Area - Will travel further for larger jobs and when slow.

Getting the house ready to sell or just ready to tame the jungle. This is an area we specialize in. Cutting back, pulling out, trimming up, it doesn’t matter, we do what's needed We just don’t do design or planting. We know what we do best and can refer you to a great horticulturist

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LAWN IMPROVEMENT- Service area -Base Area

LAWN CUTTING - Service area - Base Area

Most companies “specialize in weekly lawn cutting”. This is great if your lawn grows fast and is well watered. If there is a draught or your lawn does not grow that fast weekly lawn cutting can actually be detrimental to your lawn. We cut on an as needed basis. You receive a per cut price and a monthly bill that tells when we were there. There are no contracts as we don’t need to lock you into using our service for the season. All of our mowers are mulching which is best for both your lawn and the environment.

GUTTER CLEANING - Service area - Most of Silver Spring, The Georgia Avenue corridor from the inside the beltway to Olney, parts of Bethesda, Rockville, and Gaithersburg.

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SNOW REMOVAL- Service area -Base Area

When the snow sticks soon after the storm we come and clear all of your cars, walks and driveway.  For most customers we provide service when there is two inches or more of snow accumulation. Some customers request service for any amount of snow. This service is limited and usually reserved for regular customers, but we do make exceptions. In order to get service you must have arranged for the service before the storms hit and be on our regular snow list.

BASE AREA - Kemp Mill, Georgia Avenue corridor from Dennis Avenue to Aspen Hill, University Blvd between Four Corners and Connecticut Avenue the area around Bauer and Arctic in Rockville,