What About Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards may help keep some debris out of your gutter but it is not a substitute for cleaning gutters. They will keep leaves out but seedlings and pine needles will get through anything. I have yet to see any cover for gutters that works 100% and I have seen a lot of gutters.

I feel some gutter covers are counter productive and others are not worthwhile because they make cleaning the gutters next to impossible. The “Never Clean Your Gutter Again Products” are good to a point but, in my opinion, are just not worth the money. The problem is that they are not 100% effective and when you have a problem the company that installed them is the only one who can clean them. During periods with lots of heavy rains it may take them a long time to get to you.

Lastly, people with gutter guards tend to forget about their gutters completely until there is a problem. Weather you have the cheapest gutter guards, the most expensive or no guards at all, every now and then grab an umbrella, take a walk in the rain and make sure your gutters are functioning properly.

Why do I need My Gutters Cleaned?

Clogged gutters do a great deal of damage to a house. Water that is not directed away from the house can end up in your basement doing damage to the foundation. As the water over flows your gutters it also damaged your paint and rots the fascia boards. Over time the gutters and much of the wood needs to be replaced. Cleaning your gutters as needed can save lots of money and frustration over time.

How Often Should My Gutters Be Cleaned?

At a minimum I suggest twice a year, Spring and fall. The issues presented by the leaves in the fall are obvious but the seedlings that fall in the spring can be just as damaging. You do not want clogged gutters during those heavy summer thunderstorms. Some houses need cleaning more than twice a year. We can figure a schedule to fit your needs.


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Automatic Gutter Cleaning !!!

Most of my customers enjoy automatic gutter cleaning. We just come out at the right time and clean the gutters and leave you a bill with a return envelope. Early on I learned this was the best service I could offer my customers as they tended not to think about the gutters until they were causing a problem.. We can arrange to clean your gutters 2, 3 or 4 times a year and will work with you to find what is best for your house.

How do you clean Gutters? Do you run the hose down them?

Most times we come on a dryer day and blow out the gutters using air blowers and then use the same air blowers to ensure that your down spouts are not clogged. Sorry, we do not guarantee underground drains. I have found this far superior to using water. With water, when you find a clog  the water makes a mess of unclogging it. At times when we find wet “muck” and that we clean by hand and bucket. We do remove all of the debris from your gutters but may not remove all of the debris from your property. Our goal is to leave your lawn in the same condition as it was when we got there.

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